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It’s never too soon to get ready. From middle school through your final semester in high school, you can prepare for college. Discover the different kinds of schools you can attend and what you need to get there.


Applying to College

It’s time to apply! You’ve spent the last four years preparing for college, now it’s time to send in applications to the schools you like. Learn what you need to apply, how to apply and when you should apply.


Paying for College

You CAN afford college. There are so many ways to help you pay for your education: grants, loans, scholarships and more. Find out what kind of financial aid you may qualify for and how to apply for it.


Life in the Central Valley

You could be a short drive from the California coastline and three national parks. Enjoy all that the heart of California has to offer, including cultural festivals, arts and music communities and food festivals for local favorites like asparagus, wine, cheese and more.

Latest News

15 to Finish Modesto Event

Posted on October 6, 2016

Thank you so much for participating in our 15 to Finish launch in Modesto on April 18, 2017. A special thanks to Dr. Jill Stearns and her team for providing such a great venue. Additional shout out goes to Julie Johnson and Monica Mala from Complete College America for partnering with us to sponsor the event.

We hope you will continue to meet on your home campus to continue the efforts to launch this initiative. The data is compelling and the outcomes result in improving the overall well-being of the students in the Central Valley.

As promised, please find attached links to the PowerPoints and the videos that were presented.

We look forward to staying connected and, together, continuing the good work you are all doing on behalf of our students in the valley.

Once again, thank you for participating and being a friend of the CVHEC.

Executive Director, CVHEC

15 to Finish CVHEC Buyarski

CCA Slides 4-18-17


Finish in 15 PPT_2017

General CVP Presentation – 04 13 17

Guidance and Next Steps for CVHEC

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South video

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