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    Central Valley Colleges & Universities offer many degrees from certificate programs to doctorate degrees.

  • College is possible and affordable

    Make college a reality. Find out about financial aid and scholarships that can help you pay for school.

  • It is time to apply for college

    Get a jump on your college applications with our extensive collection of resources and preparation materials.

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    Find out what steps you should be taking from middle school through high school to reach your goals.

  • We graduate more than 180,000 students each year

    Our initiatives help make a positive impact on the educational achievements of the 10-county region we serve.


Preparing for College

It’s never too soon to get ready. From middle school through your final semester in high school, you can prepare for college. Discover the different kinds of schools you can attend and what you need to get there.


Applying to College

It’s time to apply! You’ve spent the last four years preparing for college, now it’s time to send in applications to the schools you like. Learn what you need to apply, how to apply and when you should apply.


Paying for College

You CAN afford college. There are so many ways to help you pay for your education: grants, loans, scholarships and more. Find out what kind of financial aid you may qualify for and how to apply for it.


Life in the Central Valley

You could be a short drive from the California coastline and three national parks. Enjoy all that the heart of California has to offer, including cultural festivals, arts and music communities and food festivals for local favorites like asparagus, wine, cheese and more.

Latest News

CVHEC Blog with Campaign for College Opportunity

Posted on June 18, 2014

By Dr. Barbara Hioco, CVHEC

What Works Now

Communication and collaboration are the keys to effecting change. At the Central Valley Higher Education Consortium (CVHEC), we’re focused on helping more students go to college and succeed. The collective energy of our 27 colleges and universities in the region is directed at removing barriers and opening doors.

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Conference Geared Toward Aspiring Valley Doctors

Posted on April 9, 2014

by Ana B. Ibarra

The Central Valley Higher Education Consortium is taking a step forward in helping future doctors in the San Joaquin Valley achieve their educational goals.

The consortium is collaborating with Fresno State and UC Merced to put together the Reaching Out to Aspiring Doctors for the San Joaquin Valley conference a comprehensive premedical convention on Sept. 27 at the UCSF Fresno Center for Medical EducationMedical Education and Research.

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