Mission, Vision and Goals

CollegeNext is a project of the Central Valley Higher Education Consortium (CVHEC), a non-profit incorporated partnership of 26 accredited public and private colleges and universities, and community college districts. CVHEC is funded by the California Education Policy Fund and the Department of Labor. Since 2000, CVHEC has been dedicated to making a positive impact on the educational achievements of the 10-county region from Stockton to Bakersfield that it serves.


Our Mission is to provide effective leadership that promotes programs, policies, and performance designed to increase higher education attainment by the people in the Central Valley.


Our Vision is for the Central Valley to be a place where higher education is valued and attained by an increasing percentage of our population resulting in an enhanced quality of life in our region.


  • Strengthen & promote a collective regional voice that advocates for higher education in the Central Valley.
  • Continually reinforce & nurture a college-going culture in the Central Valley.
  • Lead ​efforts to improve ​student success & completion of post-secondary educational goals.
  • Develop new partnerships & leverage existing relationships to support CVHEC goals​.

Investing in our future

The Central Valley has great needs in employment, education, income level, and overall quality of life for its rapidly growing and increasingly diverse population. Educational attainment levels in the region fall significantly below the state’s average. CVHEC is investing in education as part of a long-term solution to the problems of unemployment, poverty, crime, and lack of economic development. Together, our 26 higher education leaders are making a positive impact on the educational achievement of the region. This, in turn, will impact the economy and availability of skilled workers needed to grow the economy.

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