Board of Directors

President ​


Dr. Joseph I. Castro
​CVHEC Interim President
​President ​of​ California State University, Fresno

 Message From The President

The CVHEC is truly blossoming this year. We reflect on our collective mission to promote higher education attainment for residents of the Central Valley, it is clear that our efforts are having a significant impact.

Here is a quick update on the good work CVHEC is doing.

Being A Member

The CVHEC is a network of educators and CEOs, who have since 2000 been a part of raising the education levels and opportunities for more residents in the Central Valley. To impact the college going culture in our region, our voice and influence are stronger collectively than individually.

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Executive Committee ​

Dr. Sandra Caldwell President Reedley College

Dr. Sandra Caldwell
CVHEC Executive Member
President of Reedley College

Dr. Rosa Carlson, Secretary, President, Porterville College

Dr. Rosa Carlson
​CVHEC Board ​Secretary
​President​ ​of Porterville College

Dr. Frank Gornick, Executive Member, Board of Directors Chancellor, West Hills College District

Dr. Frank Gornick
​CVHEC​ Board Treasurer
Chancellor​ of ​West Hills College District

Dr. Bernell Hirning Campus Adm., National University – Fresno

Dr. Bernell Hirning
​CVHEC Executive Member
Associate Regional Dean, National University

Dr. Ellen Junn, Executive Member, President, CSU Stanislaus

Dr. Ellen Junn
CVHEC Executive Member
​President of ​California State University, Stanislaus

Dr. Dorothy Leland, President, Board of Directors
Chancellor, University of California, Merced

Dr. Dorothy Leland
​CVHEC Executive Member
Chancellor​ ​of ​University of California, Merced ​

Members of the Board ​

Dr. Lori A. Bennett, President, Clovis Community College

Dr. Lori A. Bennett
President of Clovis Community College

Mr. Thomas J Burke Chancellor, Kern Community College District

Mr. Thomas J. Burke
Chancellor of Kern Community College District

Jill Board, President, Cerro Coso Comm. College

Ms. Jill Board
President of Cerro Coso Community College

Stan Carrizosa, President, College of the Sequoias

Mr. Stan Carrizosa
President of College of the Sequoias

Dr. Sonya Christian, President, Bakersfield College

Dr. Sonya Christian
President of Bakersfield College

Dr. Kristin Clark, President, West Hills College Lemoore

Dr. Kristin Clark
President​ ​of ​West Hills College Lemoore

Dr. Debra S. Daniels Supt/President, Taft College

Dr. Debra S. Daniels
Taft College

Ms. Florence T. Dunn, President, California Health Sciences University

Ms. Florence T. Dunn
President of California Health Sciences University

Dr. Angela Fairchilds, President, Columbia College

Dr. Angela Fairchilds
President of Columbia College

Dr. Carole Goldsmith, President, Fresno City College

Dr. Carole Goldsmith
President of Fresno City College

Dr. Kathy Hart, Acting Supt/President, San Joaquin Delta College

Dr. Kathy Hart
Acting Supt/President of San Joaquin Delta College

Dr. Richard Kriegbaum

Dr. Richard Kriegbaum
President of Fresno Pacific University

Dr. Horace Mitchell President, California State University, Bakersfield

Dr. Horace Mitchell
President of California State University, Bakersfield

Dr. Dale Paul Parnell, Jr., Chancellor, State Center Comm. College District

Dr. Dale Paul Parnell, Jr.
Chancellor of State Center Comm. College District

Dr. Joan Smith Chancellor Yosemite Community College District

Dr. Joan Smith
Chancellor of Yosemite Community College District

Jill Stearns President, Modesto Junior College

Ms. Jill Stearns
President of Modesto Junior College

Ms. Brenda Thames
President of West Hills College Coalinga

Mr. Chris Vitelli Acting Supt/President, Merced College

Mr. Chris Vitelli
Acting Supt/President of Merced College