College/Career Boot Camp

The Central Valley Higher Education Consortium is excited to be kicking off our sixth College/Career Boot Camp. Our next camp will be hosted at Fresno State from June 13th-17th, 2016​. At Fresno State attendees will receive leadership and training to become College and Career Opportunity Ambassadors for their campuses and community.
Our boot camp serves as an opportunity for emerging adults to gain leadership and advocacy skills, to increase awareness of financial aid, scholarship, and interview tips. They also receive resume and personal statement writing workshops to help them accomplish their future goals and envision themselves as young professionals.


Check out our 2015 Summer Bootcamp:

Staff photo

Pictured: Staff Director Cheri Cruz and team.

Call 559-292-0576 for questions


Application Documents

Boot Camp Flyer
Student Information Form
Informed Consent Form
Appearance Release
Emergency Information
Off-Campus Event Waiver

Please submit transcripts with the application documents. The application can be mailed or delivered to.

College/Career Boot Camp                               550 E. Shaw Ave., Suite#100
Fresno CA 93710

Instructions for electronic submission:

  1. Download and print the documents to the right with Adobe Reader. Do not try to use your web browser to fill out these forms.
  2. Most of the documents require signatures.  
  3. Scan the completed forms and your transcript directly to

​For photos and student posts from our previous camps, please check out our ​Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.​ Clickable links to these platforms can be found at the bottom of this page.